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Don't eat expired salsa (2005/04/07)

You'd think that would say it all...

My grocery store visits have become a little erratic with the basketball tournament, the trip to Tahoe and the imminent departure from Mellon, which has meant some stuff stayed in the fridge a while. Monday after coming back from Tahoe, I had some chips and salsa and the salsa tasted like the salsa was over the hill. But I've had worse, so I just had what I was going to have.

Woke up Tuesday morning at 4:30a with an upset stomach and couldn't get back to sleep. Soon after my whole body just started aching and started making a number of trips to the bathroom. I tried sleeping it off, but I couldn't given the aches, the stomach and some slight nausea. I thought it might be the flu, especially because of all the effort plus cold of Tahoe, but I had no congestion at all and only a fever every once in a while.

I had only a little water and orange juice on Tuesday and orange juice with a small bowl of cereal in the afternoon on Wednesday. In between, whatever liquid I was taking in was leaving in short order and I would get sleep as I would pass out on the couch (couldn't sleep in bed). Better on Thursday, but still couldn't really keep any food in me. I still wasn't right until Sunday.

This was my first real bout with food poisoning; if my body didn't like something I had eaten before, I would just take care of it in one shot and be done with it. I don't know what was different about this incident, but I think I'm going to be a little less cavalier about it. I definitely feel your pain if you've gone through a bout.

And needless to say, no more funky salsa for me...

In the snow (2005/04/07)

Bunch of stuff to catch up on...

Weekend before last, Jamie and Kim joined Carla and I on a trip up to the North Shore of Lake Tahoe to Alpine Meadows and Northstar. Carla had been looking forward to the weekend for a vacation for a while, but didn't settle on the snow and didn't sync up with J&K until later.

Carla and I both attempted snowboarding while the Flournoys stuck with the skiing. We took an advanced beginner lesson on Saturday morning at Alpine, but we really didn't get a lot out of it. I do need to get to a lot lower and bend those legs, which means a lot more squats in the gym. It was pretty much the beginner slope the whole day as I tried to figure out how to turn under control.

Sunday was my first visit to Northstar, so there was a lot of new mountain to me. Carla was pretty pooped and miserable and only did one run before bagging it and taking it easy in the lodge. My overall energy level was fine for another day on the slopes, but my quads were wrecked, so there was a lot of just sliding down instead of working on my form. I also didn't much like the step-in bindings the (newer) rental equipment at Northstar as opposed to the clip-in ones at Alpine. I couldn't really get my toe edge to bit at all, so I think I was spending a lot more energy that I should have been. More to learn.

We stayed at the Tamarack Lodge just outside the main drag of Tahoe City. Our room was pretty small, but clean and pretty cheap, so it worked out well. If you're not planning on spending a lot of time in the room besides sleeping, it might be up your alley.

On the way back, we found out that In-N-Out is closed on Easter (which is no surprise considering their private Christian ownership), so ended up at Redrum Burger. Follow the link, it's an interesting story and a decent burger.

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